If you are looking for a language studying vacation this place is for you! With 15 classrooms, a study centre with the latest multimedia, computer, video and audio facilities, a lecture room and special rooms for individual tuition, Odessa Language Study Centre provides an excellent environment to study and absorb the language.

It is a great opportunity to combine serious study with active social life or rest. In addition, our students can immediately use their newly acquired knowledge of Russian in practice, as Russian language is the first language of the entire South of Ukraine and Odessa is a Russian speaking city.

Odessa Language Study Centre is not just an ordinary language school. We offer a complete services package: tuition, accommodation, cultural programmes, personal care and attention. Our concept is based purely on the interests of the student who requires the very best individual care and comfort in a safe and friendly environment, whilst receiving the very best Russian tuition from highly qualified teachers.

The main textbook used at Odessa Language Study Centre is "Russian express". It was developed on the basis of educational experience at Moscow Linguistic Centre. It was recognized and awarded by UNESCO as the LINGUAPAX programme aimed at fostering language learning as a means of cultural understanding and world peace.

Odessa Language Study Centre offers varied educational programmes, interesting and useful, organised by experienced professionals in education and management, who really care about their students.

All courses can be combined with a wide range of activities, including excursions.

In assessing our fees we use the approach "The more you study, the less you pay". Our students will get discounts if the duration of the course is more than 4 weeks. A special price package is available as well for groups.


  • We have highly-qualified teachers with long-term educational experience
  • They make a personal contribution to the well-being of each student, ensuring that she/he is happy, making progress and feels satisfied with the learning process
  • All of them are qualified teachers of Russian as a foreign language, many of them having a PhD.
  • They stimulate and help the students to improve in all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in a relaxed but serious atmosphere.

Yulia Shakhina

MA in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language
Senior Lecturer at Odessa Mechnikov National University
OLSC teacher since 2005

Svetlana Averina

MA in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language
OLSC teacher since 2000

Tatiana Kolikova

MA in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language
Lecturer at Odessa National Polytechnic
OLSC teacher since 2007

Lyudmila Kiose

MA in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language
OLSC teacher since 2007

Olga Shkapova

MA in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language
OLSC teacher since 2005

Natalia Bashkirova

MA in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language
Senior Lecturer at Odessa Mechnikov National University
OLSC teacher since 2011


  • To ensure personal attention and rapid progress, the number of students in a group is kept deliberately small (no more than 8).
  • Formation of groups is based on the results of preliminary on-line or first-day testing.
  • We also offer private study (1-1) as well as group tuition.
  • Standard or intensive classes are available at different times of day: morning, afternoon or evening. One-to-one studies are flexibly scheduled, depending on effective learning and teacher/student availability.
Students from numerous countries have been effectively studying at OLSC for more than 8 years. This was achieved by using the monolingual studying method, which makes the acquisition of necessary knowledge and language skills of everyday speech easier and more effective, depending on the stated areas of interest and the availability of class time.


20 academic hours per week, including a coffee break, which can be spent by students together with their teachers. Extra hours available (video viewing, additional topical tuition).


30 academic hours per week. In addition, teachers assign homework and creativity assignments, as well as special self-study activities. The duration of such courses is two weeks and up, subject to adjustment. Intensive course availability is quite limited, so we prefer that you book as early as possible..


A special course of 20 hours per week. Only available for students of advanced language levels- early booking is advisable.


A special course, designed personally according to the needs of those students who need to use Russian in their business or for the purposes of their work. Tuition content depends on stated business and professional needs and areas of interest.


Available for teachers of Russian for foreigners.


SUMMER COURSES are available during the summer period and September. They give students an opportunity to combine Russian studies and holiday relaxation in a pleasant seaside atmosphere.

You can refer to Student's Guidebook to learn more.