Odessa Language Study Centre (OLSC) is southern Ukraine 's most modern facility for foreign students learning Russian as a foreign language. It is an independent language school, which was founded in 1995 as a private educational institution where students are able to learn various foreign languages.

  • Comfortable classrooms

  • Lecture room s

  • Classes for individual tuition

  • Self-study rooms

  • Audio and video programmes

  • Video showings

  • Books and movies library

  • Internet and media resources

For over 20 years students at Odessa Language Study Centre have been studying Russian language effectively, using the monolingual method, which makes the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and skills of everyday speech easier, depending on the specific problems to be solved and, of course, the availability of class time.  


  • Group tuition
  • Individual (1-to-1) tuition


  • Students are enrolled all year-round
  • Students immediately use their newly acquired Russian language knowledge in practice
  • Courses in summer and September are accompanied with fine weather conditions and rest opportunities



The school is located in the historical centre of the city and it is easily accessible from any point in Odessa. Our school is a safe and secure institution; its staff members are responsible for the care, well-being, and happiness of the students, so you shouldn't be worried: you will be in very responsible and caring hands.

We like our students to consider Odessa Language Study Centre as their home in Ukraine. We usually personally meet our students at Odessa International Airport and escort them safely to the airport for their return journeys. Our students have several accommodation choices – host families (meals and services inclusive) or self-catering apartments in various city districts.

What's at the school   What's near the school  
  • Study rooms and Resource Bank

  • Reception managers always ready to help

  • Phone and fax

  • Computer access to Internet and e-mail

  • Audio and video equipment

  • Comfortable restrooms

  • Theatres

  • The Philharmonic Society

  • Museums

  • Cafes and restaurants

  • Movie theatres

  • Park

  • Coast zone


To receive additional instructions and more information about Odessa Language Study Centre you can fill in our contact formThis will also express your desire to become our student and help us to meet all your requirements with optimal effectiveness.