For the Cinephile
People in Odessa are great admirers of good cinema. That’s why you can find various locations for outdoor film screening. The most-liked places by the townspeople are “Green Theatre” in Shevchenko Park and Court yard in the Seamen’s Palace (Dvorec moryakov) on Primorsky Boulevard. In the latter, you watch the film with headphones tuned in to a radio station (silent cinema). There is only a movie and the scent of the sea breeze.

In the middle of July, the city becomes a Mecca for cinephiles. Odessa’s International Film Festival has been held in the town for eight years in a row. Both Ukrainian and foreign celebrities alongside famous directors, attend the Festival each year.



Odessa has always had a rich, theatre life. There are theatres of various genres and types. Such as The Odessa Theatre of Musical Comedy, Russian and Ukrainian theatres, and The Theatre of the Jewish Cultural Center "Beit Grand,” to name a few.

The most famous of course is The Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, built in XIX century by Viennese architects Fellner and Helmer. Here you can view famous plays like “Swan Lake”, “Giselle” and also attend Operas- “Carmen”, “Aida” and others.

There are also unconventional, modern theaters in Odessa. Look for new vision and deep concept, revealed by the actors of experimental theatres in the “Theatre on Chainaya”.

The beginning of August ushers in the time of our traditional, independent theatre festival, MOLOKO. Creative groups from different cities of Ukraine bring unique, unconventional, even resonant plays, attracting the attention of Theatre lovers from around the world, to attend this marvelous festival.  


Escape rooms

Those who appreciate intellectual and active leisure time, will definitely enjoy, what is more locally referred to as “Quest rooms” of Odessa. You can choose from over one hundred exciting role-playing games, quests and surroundings of which are staggering. For one hour be transformed into Sherlock Holmes, investigating another detective story! Become a character from “Game of Thrones”, save the planet from viruses or recreate The Fifth Element! Quests are team games (up to four people) challenging your dexterity, enterprise, logic, cunning and quick thinking.


 Courtyards of Odessa

The true spirit and color of the city lives within its hidden corners – the courtyards of Odessa. Legends and anecdotes are told about it.

Modern photographers and artists, journey here for inspiration, with film-makers making productions in this courtyard. The Courtyards of Odessa deserve special attention. They are former revenue houses in which inhabitants preserve the interior and cherish the history, where famous writers, artists and public figures of old, were living and working. Additionally, you can find traditional courtyards where Odessians know the history of neighbours in detail, dry their linen on ropes inside the courtyard, and bask in the scents of Odessa cuisine from the windows. If you want to see the true color of Odessa and find out what the fronts of the houses hide, you need only stop by the courtyard of Odessa, in the old town. You can start from house # 32 on Evreiskaya Street, home to the largest mural in Ukraine, which speaks about Odessa’s famous inhabitants, who made a personal impact on its development.


International Odessa – down the Deribasovskaya Street

Walk down the famous Deribasovskaya Street from the Passage to Polskiy, and you descend into a town of internationality- showcasing the strong influence from Italian, French, Greek, Spanish backgrounds and others, in its development. Passage and its history alone tell you about visits of The Royal Family for the first industrial exhibition in the South of Russia. City Garden and former hotel France, took first place in the world film screening using the Timchenko machine. Uncover the history of Richelievskiy Lyceum and contributions of Dmitriy Mendeleev, artist Kandinsky and the creator of Esperanto Zamenhof, De Ribas and Maraslis, Sarah Bernhardt and the last Empress of France. A walk down the Deribasovskaya Street is full of surprises and exciting discoveries. It is a new view of a town, full of historical events.


Shustov Museum

Odessa was one of the first places in the Russian Empire where such a noble drink as Cognac became available. In the beginning of the XIX century, the best Cognac from the honored Cognac houses of France began exportation. In the beginning of the XX century, Cognac from, “Shoustov” was the most popular product in Russia. It was awarded Grand Prix at the International exhibition in Paris in the 1900.

Today, you can find out everything about Cognac in the Ukraine Museum of Shustov, Cognac production. It was opened at the end of 2013, in the old cellars of Odessa’s Cognac factory. The same year, began exports of own- issued spirits to France.

During an excursion you will have a chance to make your own blend of Cognac, of different ages, under careful guidance of an expert and taste test after you’ve finished.


Odessa Champaign Factory

The history of Odessa’s Champaign factory began in 1896. “Henri Roederer” was the first issued set of Champaign, later distinguished by two medals - one in an International Exhibition in Paris and the other in an Industry exhibition in Odessa.

Today the Odessa Champaign Factory produces 15 million bottles each year – 34 types under three trademarks: “Odessa”, “L’Odessika” and “Henri Roederer”.

You also have an opportunity to visit a factory. During this visit you’ll see all the technological processes involved from the acceptance of wine materials, to ready-made production. In the end, experienced technologist will conduct wine-testing.


Wine Culture Center Shabo (you can combine it with a day trip to Belgorod-Dnestrovsk fortress)

Wine Culture Center Shabo –is a maze-museum full of mysterious, ancient myths and legends. The history of the ancient “Royal cellar” dates back 200 years, with warehouses having significantly large spaces, which lie five or nine meters underground.

Also, you will see a magnificent Cognac courtyard with oak barrels for maturing noble Cognac spirits, a unique Champaign House for the production of high quality Champaign, and a modern, cold bottling workshop.

There is a cinema in the museum where you can watch a film about the history of the Shabo settlement and its founder, Swiss winemaker Louis Tardan. To close off there is wine tasting in the Chrystal hall on the 5th floor.


Gastronomic Odessa

Cuisines of Odessa deserve your undivided attention as the entire history of Odessa is intertwined in it. It’s a perfect combination of recipes of Jewish, Polish, Greek, German, Italian, Moldavian, Ukrainian and Russian cuisines. Choose from a diverse and abundant chain of restaurants and allow the cafes to impress even the most sophisticated admirer of haute cuisine.

Privoz has a special place in the life of many mistresses of Odessa. Each has her “own” trustworthy seller. You can taste everything there. Forshmak, stuffed fish, Bessarabia stuffed pies, Eggplant caviar, fried Clupeonella…. Just to name a few, of what you can find in Odessa and must try!