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Odessa Language Study Centre is the most modern facility for learning Russian as a foreign language in southern Ukraine. It is an independent Russian language school, which was founded in 1995. We provide the Russian language courses for individuals (one-to-one tuition) and groups. There are two course levels - standard and intensive. In addition, we offer a specialized course of Russian language for business.  
Choose yourself how you would like to learn Russian language. Group language courses at different levels (standard and intensive) and individualized one-to-one tuition programs designed to speed up the process of learning are offered. All courses include educational, historical, and cultural excursions and other activities.  
Vacation courses are offered during the summer months of June, July, August, and September allowing students to learn Russian at a more relaxed pace. Our students have three accommodation choices - a host family homestay, a separate apartment, and the school apartment within the school premises. Cultural program including city tours, excursions, and summer parties is available.  
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